Debtguru is one of the leading debt counselling firms in South africa.  With Debt Counselling we can lower your interest rates and entend the term of your loan while you are able to live. Our Qualified Debt Counsellor will work around the clock to protect your car or house. We provide wide range of services. Debtguru can help you with the following:

Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.

  1. Business Credit Check Solutions
  2. Personal Credit Check Report
  3. Your Office …totally paperless – Digital On-boarding
  4. Sign Digitally with total Confidence
  5. Debt Counselling (Be debt Free)

We know the way

You can get trusted unlimited telephonic advice from our Debt Counsellor who are registered Debt Counsellors with the National Credit Regulator, and expertly trained to manage your debt review. If you have been declared over-indebted you will also receive a debt restructure plan and we will negotiate with creditors to lower your debt. You will also be transferred to our in-house litigation team when you need it, saving you money and ensuring that your debt counselling case is handled by the same professional from start to finish.

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